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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Target Treasures

Ya'll, I have already written about how much I love, love, LOVE Target!  After my venture there last week, I really could not stop think about what a great deal I got on such great stuff for next year!

Well, yesterday... I was in the neighborhood, and thought hmmm.  I could use one of those dry erase easels from the Target Spot.  yes, of course.

I plan on taking a picture of the goods tomorrow, as they are in my trunk and its dark out :)  But seriously GO to Target!!! My favorite find was a lazy-susan-esque table caddy. I can NOT wait to use these to replace the plastic pencil boxes which wind up getting so gross in just a few days time! and at $2.50 a piece they were a STEAL!

another thing that excites me about Target is the new blog "Target Treasures," ran by Hadar of the teaching blogs, "Teaching Blog Addict" and "Miss Kindergarten."  I love when others, especially teachers, can share in my L-O-V-E for good deals and great ideas!  To sweeten the pot, she is offering a $20 gift card as a Thank-You to one lucky winner!  Go check her out for some great deals, and even a chance at winning the gift card!


Busy Bees said...

Oh, I am going to have to check out those Target websites. I have been to Target the last 2 weeks. I love your new blog!!