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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet the Parents!

Greetings from my PJs and comfy bed! it's only 9:15, but I've been in bed for about 30 minutes now, and let me just say: boy am I exhausted!?  First 12+ hour day back at school, and I'm certain its not nearly the last!  I got home and was too tired to make dinner, so I had a cup of yogurt and half a diet coke! hah!

Tonight was our Parent Orientation!  SUCH an exciting time!  The only time my classroom is full AND quiet at the same time! :)  The parents were great; and I'm really excited for the year.  I feel like I was sort of here and there and ADD, but I felt comfortable with all of them!  I just hate being the center of attention where everyone has to hang on everything I say!  I'm not used to engaging 25 adults at once; its hard enough with 5-year-olds!  So, I found myself talking SUPER fast and yet, not explaining super thoroughly!  Note to self: ALWAYS have a bottle of water present! the more parched I get, the faster still I talk!

I felt very blessed by all the families that came out to meet me tonight. I'm very excited to meet my little boys through our first phase-in day tomorrow!  I only have 8 boys this year; which is going to feel like a dream compared to my 11 last year!  God bless 'em; they are always so precious, but SO rambunctious!

I can't wait to hug each of their necks tomorrow!  I nearly cried when I saw all my kinders from last year return on Monday; and I got to see and hug every which one of them!  Even my little trouble maker from last year stops to see me at least twice a day!  It's such a good feeling to know that they are growing up, but that I've impacted them enough that they still look forward to seeing me each day! :)

Alrighty, off to bed I go!  We're going on a gingerbread man hunt tomorrow!  Gotta get some good rest so I can be sneaky-sneaky tomorrow! :) Hope I can sleep!  First day of school always comes with the jitters, even when you're 26!

Did you always look forward to a new school year or were you nervous as a child?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to School, and Book Box label freebie!

Wow, what a crazy week! We were officially back to school on Tuesday for an in-service, Wednesday for our last morning of registration and a work-day (although 1-5 had a meet-the-teacher morning!), another in-service on Thursday, and began Kindergarten screenings on Friday! We will continue with two more screening days, and then a work-day on Wednesday for our parent orientation on Wednesday night!  It is so crazy to me that this time is here, and that I am not nearly as stressed as the beginning of the year last year!  even crazier to think that at this point, I hadn't even interviewed yet!  It is so refreshing going into something with time to prepare and with an understanding of everything that needs to be done!

I am still trying to get my Daily 5 in order; have you had experience with that in the Kindergarten classroom? If so, email me PLEASE!!!! at Rhiannon Dean zero seven @ g mail dot com.  clearly, without the spaces, and you might wanna make those the actual numbers too :)

I'm still new to the whole "teacher-blogsphere," so forgive me for not knowing how to have a pretty little google docs or scribd preview to load here, but if you follow the link below, you can grab some cute book box tags that I made for my classroom library.  I've printed these in color, laminated them, and am going to hole punch and attach them with book rings to my themed baskets!  There are 18 in total, and I'm not sure they can be edited because I uploaded as a PDF; but if you email me a of your themes, I don't mind making them custom for you!

Get my Book Box tags here!

Have a great weekend! My last before this crazy year officially gets underway!