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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinterest Project - Storage Crates and Seating, Part 1

If you're anything like me, a better part of your summer has been dedicated to Pinterest.  You know, the site where you look at pictures ... for hours ... of food, and clothes, and classroom stuff ... and pretty homes you'll never afford on a teaching salary, and gorgeous decor, and fantabulous vacay sites that you'll never get to visit ...  oh, sorry.  I'm back.

One of the plus sides to pinterest is that it enables you to essentially bookmark pictures; which for me, I have 29435 lists running at all times, and I often forget what "paint poster" means when I check it in 3 days.  But tabbing pictures to return to?! genius!

Perhaps the most genius thing I've seen on the site so far are these precious little seats made from storage crates!  ... storage crates that I happened to already have FOUR of!

So what did I do on my first day back to school today ....?!?! Yep! You guessed it!
I bribed a handy-man friend of mine with lunch and dessert to come do the hard-part: cutting plywood!

The Project: Precious Storage Crates that double as Seats!
The budget: I'd say about $6-$8 per crate (depending on how cheap I can find fabric that I love!)
The Materials:

Plywood (about $20 for the desired thickness) ... and perhaps a truck.  Or at least not a Jetta.
Storage Crates! <$4 at Wal-Mart

The Process:  Feed handy-man hearty lunch.  Then put him to work (make sure he brings a saw and measuring tape! One of those triangles that is called a "Square" is also handy-dandy!

I'm convinced he brought the ear-muffs (silencers?) so he didn't have to hear me ask him for help moving furniture!

Added tip: The corners of the storage crates are a tad-bit rounded.  Using a belt sander, sand down the edges of each cut of plywood for a more comfortable fit.  Or, use the concrete sidewalk to sand the corners down :)

Part 2: to be continued when I get some pretty fabric (which would be after I get paid next week :)