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Friday, July 8, 2011

Target Spot Dollar Bin SALE! 50% off!

Dear Fellow Teachers:

You may know this already, but you should never go to Target only expecting to buy paper towels.  Save your paper towel needs for Kroger or Publix; places you can't get distracted.  You will walk in and immediately stop in the Target Spot (dollar bins!).  It's happened before, but never to this scale.  You'll grab a few things, because all white-dot items are 50% OFF RIGHT NOW!  You will soon realize your arms can not carry any more.  You'll go back and get a hand basket.  Once things start falling out of your hand basket, you'll decided its time for a shopping cart.  You may even forget you came for paper towels, but please, at least go find them so its not all a-wash.  You'll go to check out, and tell the clerk you only came for paper towels, and she will laugh, as she scans your 40 some-odd items.  Rest assured, you will not leave Target without things you want desperately need for the fall!  After all, 50% off might as well be an incentive as great as free in our books!

{the goods: stamps, baskets, Dr. Seuss bags and stickers, foam blocks, plastic bolts and washers, linking people, dry erase handwriting boards, pop-up shark hamper (oh the possibilities!), books, hooks, and more!}